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Getting Started

Designing your web site, What the client needs to do:

Try to imagine a basic layout of your web site
What topics would you like to have presented on each page.  For example, the first page which is the Home page, is usually an introduction page that also allows viewers to navigate to other pages.  The company logo is usually displayed on this page along with some sharp sales type slogans.  The following pages may have content such as, About Us, Services, Product Information, Contact Us, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) etc...

Decide the content of each page
Do you want to include a company logo? 

Would you want to include some photographs? 

Which photographs, and on which page would you place them? 

Do you have a favorite or perhaps a company or corporate color you would like to see as the background or text color?

What would you like to name your e-mail links? Such as, Info@(yourdomain).com, JohnSmith@(yourdomain).com, Sales@(yourdomain).com, etc...

Would you like your viewers to be able to link to other web sites that you feel are in support of yours?  Just send us their URL.

If you decide to obtain the Enhanced Meta Tag Search Engine Package, decide what key words you want prospective clients to be able to find you with.  For instance, a web site company in New York might use key words such as - web, hosting, web site design, New York, web hosting, web site hosting, web solutions, world wide web, etc.

Send us your materials:
After gathering all of the above.  Place all your materials along with a check in the amount 15% of the total order, in an envelope and mail it to:

Website Design 4U
205 Lamped Loop
Staten Island, New York, 10314

Designing your web site, Our commitment:

Upon receiving your materials, we will design your web site, average time is two weeks.  We will then e-mail you the URL address so you can review your web site.  Then according to your feedback we will adjust your site until you are satisfied with the result.


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