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About Our Design For You

Our KISS Design method starts your site on the right track to achieving your goals by:

Keeping (By designing)

It (The web site)

Simple (To the point, easy to read, and simple to navigate to all pages within the site) and
Smart (To enable the web site to download quickly by adding only a few necessary graphics to the web site, and without adding costly gimmicks that can be distracting to viewers.)

Please feel free to visit some of our designed web sites that are currently on the Internet right now.  The links are located just below.

Design Features include

4 web pages                   

8 graphics  Send in good quality photos, or artwork, and we'll scan them.  If you send them on disk it must be IBM compatible.  Not Mac.

CGI form  A page that is designed as a form to request information from viewers at your web site.

E-mail Links  Buttons or text created on your web site that when clicked on will open an e-mail form that is pre-addressed with your e-mail address.

External Links  Buttons or text created on your web site that link viewers to other web sites.

Click on images below to view a few of our designs.


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